Mission Statement

Ariel Middlemiss is a choreographer and dancer who owns and runs AMDC Dance Academy and the Ariel Middlemiss Dance Collective.  Based in Tawa, AMDC Dance Academy is committed to providing students with quality dance instruction and helping to instil a love of dance into all ages. We offer NZAMD Jazz, Contemporary, and Hip-hop, as well as Open Ballet classes, Stretch and Strengthen, Preschoolers' "Tiny Dancers", and Adult DanceFit classes. Alongside her Dance Academy, Ariel runs the Ariel Middlemiss Dance Collective, which is a project based company. The Collective is a "Dance Company with Stories" and seeks to create productions with emotional impact.  As well as producing unique, individual productions the Collective is available for hire by corporates, and it also runs workshops for up-and-coming dancers. Our philosophy is that dance is for any age, so with this in mind, we are dedicated to vetting our music choices to suit each age group.