Ariel Middlemiss - Owner/Teacher

Ariel Middlemiss is the owner and teacher at AMDC Dance Academy. She began dancing at the age of 3 and never looked back. She learnt RAD Ballet from Pre-Primary up to Advanced Two, and both NZAMD Jazz and Contemporary from Preparatory through to successfully gaining her Solo Seal Diploma in Jazz, Contemporary, and Ballet. This meant that she gained her Licentiate from the New Zealand Association of Modern Dance. She passed all her exams with Distinction and competed in many national and regional competitions, winning over 100 trophies and awards. Among her awards, she won the Johnsonville Youth Trust Grant two years in a row and was invited to speak at their awards dinner. Ariel then went on to open her own dance company, The Ariel Middlemiss Dance Collective, and ran her project based company while working through her NZAMD teaching qualifications. She has directed three full length shows for the NZ Fringe Arts Festivals, as well as choreographing for multiple national dance events. She coaches the Jazz/Contemporary Academy, and the Hiphop Academy at Tawa Intermediate School, having done so for the last 10 years. Ariel also has experience working on the choreography for Tawa Goes to Town in previous years, including 2018. Having taught for two other dance schools and with 12 years of teaching experience, Ariel decided to start her own dance school. She now runs her dance company on the side, and is focused on imparting her experience to the next generation. Ariel has a passion for helping students reach their potential and to instill a love of dance into all ages. She has a strong teaching philosophy, believes dance is a chance to express oneself through movement. 

"Live to dance, love to dance"